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Fillsites matches people who have soil and people who need soil. This website is free of charge and aimes to make it easy and affordable to exchange soil or raw materials. Fillsites has helped move over cubic metres of fill so far....

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Fillsites Australia is Good for the Environment

At Fillsites Australia, we encourage green living and minimizing the impact we have on the environment around us. This site is an extension of that encouragement. By focusing on the local community, Fillsites Australia helps reduce fuel consumption, prevent unnecessary landfill dumping, and further encourage recycling through composting.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

By emphasizing fill or soil nearby, the need for fill can be fulfilled while at the same time using less fuel. Instead of trucking fill from an excavation site across town, you can get your fill from the neighbour who excaves a pool. Instead of hauling fill out for disposal at the landfill or dump site on the outskirts of town, you can have people come get what they need. Less fuel is consumed as the fill is not being hauled as far.

Reuse of Soil Products

Highlighting the fill areas nearby means you can send less fill to the dump site or landfill. By keeping fill out of landfills, more fill is reused instead of wasting what little space is left in today's landfills.

Recycling and Composting

Composting, manures, and other mulches promote greenery without requiring expensive and harsh fertilizers. Increasing the availability of high-organic dirts such as topsoil and composts means less expensive potting soil. This all adds up to making it much cheaper and easier to maintain and grow plants, trees, shrubs, gardens, and other greenery. Promoting recycling encourages residents to look for greener alternatives to simply disposing of waste in the trash or landfill..


By showing users the demand for fill or soil products in their immediate area, people are more inclined to get their fill from neighbours or others close by instead of a development site halfway across the city. The gardening community is an excellent example. If you have excess compost after using it on your garden your neighbour may, through Fillsites Australia, ask for some of your compost. Through this, bonds between members of the community are formed.